LMD x PNP Brush Bundle

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Bundle contains:

A makeup brush cleaner. Here to save your brushes and your skin from the germs, dust, dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate on your makeup tools. the ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner is about to become an essential part of your skincare routine. With antibacterial properties, the solution strips makeup brushes of cosmetic product, even stubborn formulations like lipstick and concealer, to help prevent acne breakouts, congestion, and skin infections. It also helps to prolong the life of brushes and facilitates smooth, precise makeup coverage.

Direction for Use

Spray the tip of the brush with the solution. Swirl the brush on a clean paper towel for approximately five seconds. Residue is removed from the brush and the solution changes colour. Remove the brush from the solution and squeeze the bristles with a clean paper towel until they are dry to the touch.


Powder n Pout’s Cosmetics newest product launch with the fabulous Louise Mc Donnell!

Introducing  LMDxPNP The 7 Piece Collection has everything you will need to create a professional makeup look every time with a gorgeous silver sparkly makeup clutch.

The luxury on the go clutch contains 7 different beauty must-haves made from the highest quality, super soft materials. Take this collection with you wherever you go to buff and blend your way to make up perfection.

The Powder Brush –  Fluffy Powder brush for setting makeup, applying blusher and highlighters.

The Small Foundation Brush – Duo Fibre stippling brush for foundation

The ‘All Rounder” Brush – Multi purpose brush for all across the face

The Flat Sculpter Brush – Perfect for concealer, carving brows, lipstick

The Medium Fluffy Blender Brush – Blends eyeshadow like a dream

The Small Bullet Brush – Ideal for blending, smudging and adding detailed eye work

The Beauty Blender –  Super soft beauty sponge, best used after damped, perfect for bouncing on foundation or baking with your setting powder